We are redefining the standards of computer hardware. Please, join us in our misson to create quality, easy to use products for everyone.

Full HD Monitors

One of our primary goals is to create full HD, 4K computer monitors which are well built and affordable.

Networked Products

We are designing and developing excellent IoT products, primarily IP cameras. We are striving to create secure devices that can be easily accessed through the cloud.

Easy to Use

We plan to offer solid, dependable desktop peripherals. Everything from affordable mechanical keyboards to affordable, reliable mice are in the works.

Home or Business

We plan to have our products implementable in both home and business environments. We plan to ensure our products are simple and comfortable for home use, as well as robust and dependable for business settings.

Security in Mind

We know that customers care about security. Whether it be a privacy concious home user or a business with data to protect, we ensure that any customer will have peace of mind when it comes to the security of our products. Our products, particularly IP cameras and other networked products, are designed to be safe from attackers and vulnerabilities.

Ease of Use

We understand that new technology can be a pain to implement. We are working to make sure that implementation of our products is as easy as possible. With clear, easy to read setup instructions, combined with simple, yet robust functionality, we assure are products are a breeze to get working for whatever you may need them for.

What our testers are saying...

Zhou P.

"The quality of the cameras are insane. Never seen a clearer picture with a cleaner interface."

Patrick H.

"I love their monitors. The picture is so clear, I forget that I am looking at a screen, and feel like I'm looking at a window into the real world."

Quan G.

"Never used a smoother keyboard. The keystrokes are music to my ears."

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